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Dr Michael Osiecki

Managing Director & Owner

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Job Title : Managing Director & Owner
Main Modality : Biological engineer & stem cell biologist
Main work interest : Mechanism and cellular biology
One word to describe you : Considered
Qualifications : PhD, BE(Chemical), BBiotech (Hons)
Michael is the Managing Director of Bio Concepts, who has been diversifying the business through technology for the past year. Prior to this, Michael received his doctorate for research in the field of biological engineering, specialising in isolation and expansion of stem cells in bioreactor systems.

Other research experience includes mesenchymal stromal cell differentiation, tissue regeneration, wound healing, hematopoietic stem cell niche, redox signalling, and behaviour of antioxidants such as ascorbic acid. In combination with his experience as a chemical engineer in raw material manufacturing and extraction through to GMP product manufacturing, this has given Michael experience in the complimentary medicine industry from basic research to the clinic and beyond.

Henry Osiecki

Founder and Chairman

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Job Title : Founder and Chairman
Main Modality : Nutritional biochemist & Author
Main work interest : Practitioner Mentoring
One word to describe you : Visionary
Qualifications : B.Sc. (Hons), Post Grad Dip. Nutrition & Dietetics
Henry is passionate about practitioner education in nutritional medicine and the healthcare industry. Henry has published several textbooks on nutrition including The Nutrient Bible and Cancer: The Importance of Clinical Nutrition. He is the founder of the Education Centre and here he remains at the forefront in delivering postgraduate education.

Toni Chambers

Clinical Support Manager

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Job Title : Clinical Support Manager
Main Modality :Nutritionist
Main work interest : Children’s Health
One word to describe you : Adventurous
Qualifications : NBHlthSc (Nut Med) B Arts (Journalism)
Toni is a practising clinical nutritionist, journalist, and manager of the Bio Concepts Clinical Support team. Toni is passionate about children's health and nutrition, and education as the key in the early years to halt the march of diet-related diseases. She is a regular in some of Brisbane’s primary schools as part of the health curriculum and conducts after school cooking classes.

Toni is furthering her knowledge in the area of functional medicine and has completed yoga teacher training as a way of further helping her patients with a mind-body-spirit approach to improving their health.

Katey Weekes

Clinical Support Team Leader

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Job Title : Clinical Support Team Leader
Main Modality :Naturopath
Main work interest : Women’s Health & Fertility
One word to describe you : Creative
Qualifications : BNat, Adv Dip (Nutritional Medicine), Dip (Remedial Massage & Sports Therapies)
Katey Weekes is a practising naturopath, nutritionist & sports therapist with over 15 years' experience working in the health industry as a clinician, presenter and mentor. Clinically, Katey specialises in women’s health primarily working in natural fertility and IVF support as well as high-risk pregnancy care and paediatric wellness.

Katey’s postgraduate training includes Natural Fertility Education, functional medicine and pathology and with a background in professional dance, Katey is also passionate about supporting competitive athletes and performers.

Sara Dunstan

Clinical Support Consultant

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Job Title : Clinical Support Consultant
Main Modality :Nutritionist
Main work interest : Gastrointestinal Health & Atopy
One word to describe you : Authentic
Qualifications : BHlthsc (Nut Med)
Sara is a qualified nutritionist and clinical advisor in the Bio Concepts Clinical Support team and has over 20 years’ experience working in the fields of health and retail management, media relations and education in Australia and overseas.

As a practitioner, she has a special interest in gastrointestinal health and atopy and is passionate about enhancing the lives of others using a holistic, individualised approach that addresses the underlying cause of illness. Sara enjoys empowering others through education to help facilitate optimal health and wellbeing.

Tracey Warburton

Clinical Support Consultant

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Job Title : Clinical Support Consultant
Main Modality :Naturopath
Main work interest : Mental Health & Chronic Pai
One word to describe you : Empathic
Qualifications : BHlthSc (Naturopathy)
Tracey is a practising naturopath at a multi-modality medical centre and clinical advisor in the Bio Concepts Clinical Support team.

Tracey has a special interest in mental health and chronic pain. She is very passionate about natural health and is excited about guiding and inspiring patients on the path to vibrant wellness. While Tracey enjoys providing technical support to practitioners, the aspect of her role that she finds the most satisfying is providing an empathic listening ear to those who are often practicing alone in clinic, or who wish to validate their clinical decisions.

Dean Sallmann

Product Development Manager

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Job Title : Product Development Manager
Main Modality :Naturopath
Main work interest : Research & formulation creation
One word to describe you : Inquisitive
Qualifications : BHsc (Comp Med), Adv Dip HSc (Naturopathy)
Dean Sallmann is a qualified Naturopath with specialised expertise in Research and Product Development, Technical Support, Manufacturing and Practitioner Education. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Charles Sturt University, Dean went on to lecture for the Australian College of Natural Medicine (now Endeavour College of Natural Health). Dean is passionate about all levels of practitioner education, from students to well-established clinicians.

Dr Fernanda Thomaz

Product Development Coordinator

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Job Title : Product Development Coordinator
Main Modality :Naturopath & lecturer
Main work interest : Mental Health & Metabolic Syndrome
One word to describe you : Determined
Qualifications : PhD, BHlthSc (Nutrition and Dietetics), Adv Dip HSc (Naturopathy), Dip (Fitness and Sports)
Fernanda is a qualified research doctor, naturopath, and clinical advisor in the Bio Concepts Clinical Support team. Fernanda is also specialised in advanced biochemistry and metabolomics focusing on neurological disorders, metabolic syndrome, functional nutrition, and naturopathic medicine.

Fernanda is passionate about helping people. She is genuinely interested in getting to know her clients and their lifestyle so she can provide them with the best individualised nutritional care to help them achieve their goals. Fernanda is enthusiastic and determined and cannot wait to face a new challenge.